Learn about a range of issues that are prevalent among young people. Each topic contains video collections that provide insight into an issue, associated risks and the impact it has on their relationships, both closer ones and the wider society. Each collection also provides tips and advice on preventing or dealing effectively with those situations.

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Episode 1
0 Videos
0M 0

Ep1 Sophie's Story has over 100 different routes, 

Covers sexual health with explanatory scenes regarding STis and pregnancy, Drugs and alcohol, and consensual sex.


Episode 2
7 Videos
1HR 37M 10

Ep2 Aaliyah's Story has over 48 different routes,

Covers Gun and Knife crime, and young people especially young women being used by gangs to deliver guns and drugs. Also covers teenage pregnancy.


Episode 3
17 Videos
3HR 43M 48

Ep3 Jacobs Story has 16 different routes.

Covers Mental health and suicide in young people, and focuses on building resilience in young people.

Episode 4
9 Videos
0M 0

New City, New Faces, New Drama.

You make the choices. You are the director.

Episode 5
0 Videos
0M 0

Ep5 Avanis Story 

Covers the CSE of young women, Generational domestic violence and Mental health.

Episode 6
23 Videos
0M 0