T Money


Height:6ft “1



Occupation:Drug Dealer/Gang Member

My Favourite

Film:Cool Runnings

Telly:The Olympics

Book:Where’s Wally

Quote:“Don’t worry; be happy”

Food:Jerked Pork

Person:Usain Bolt

About Me

T Money here, all the way from Kingston, Jamaica!

My life is all about bringing in da peas and chilling wit’ the ladies. What’s not to love about it? I’ve got al’ the ting that everybody needs. Da men gotta pay, but da girls just gotta give ol’ T Money a little bit of sugar to get a taste.

My brother from another mother, Bob Marley, had it ryt’ when he said “Don’t worry, be happy’. The only thing that gets me worked up is when people try to ruin my happiness. When that happens, I can’t make any promises about what Lerone will do.