Duwayne Johnson






My Favourite

Film:Empire State

Telly:WWE Raw

Book:“Have a Nice Day” – Mick Foley

Quote:“Don’t hate the player; hate the game”

Food:Chicken Chow Mein

Person:Triple H

About Me

I’m a lot like a grande mocha latte from Starbucks; big, dark, and oh so delicious. The ladies all fall for my smile and I make sure I’m there to catch ‘em… I’m just a man, after all.

Relationships are for saps. Why buy the book when you can go to the library? Not that I read. Unless it’s the Beano… that cracks me up. I’m always on the lookout for the next conquest, so give me a holla if you wanna meet up 

I live for my nights out, but there’s always some dude ready to kick up a fuss. Anyone tries that when I’m around ends up with my fist in their mouth and my foot in their gut!