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Welcome to a new interactive online drama where your choices and your decisions will have an immediate impact on the storyline.

You make the choices...
You experience the consequences

Warning: TryLife episodes may
contain flashing images


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Sophie Burton
Charlotte Sisson
Theo Turner
Luke Shenton-Sharp
Emily Davidson
Rachel Head
Georgia Blackwell
Gabriella Ashcroft
Tony Fitzpatrick
James Manning
Jack Burton
Carl Kennedy
Phil Peacock
Cian O’Sullivan
Melissa Singh
Zahida Nick Allen
Penelope Waters
Joanna Holden
Callum Cravendale
Matthew J. Staton
Rick Solomon
Dale Jewitt
James Burke
Pete Stevens
Rob Stilton
Neal Campbell
Damo Turner
Stuart Robinson

Nice Guy Eddie Presents TryLife Using Neural Vision Technology

Creator and Director
Paul Irwin
TryLife Logistics
Nicky Kaur
Director of Film
Shaun Grant
David House
Script Writers
Jonny Ellis
Ben Elliott
Robert Dibsdale
Production Manager
Sophie Bickerstaff
1st Assistant Director
Kwabena Amposa
2nd Assistant Director
Luke Shenton Sharp
Director of Photography
Felix Schmilinsky
1st Camera Assistant
Matt French
2nd Camera Assistant
Bruno Chiecco
Howard Bland
Sound Recordist
Stephen Lee
Andy Ludbrook
Len Allwood
Sophie Earnshaw
Corporate Edit
Katie Connon
Production Assistant
Simon Stafford
Production Assistant
Alina Matjusenoka
Brian Muir
Dunn & Dusted
Danny Carroll
Danny Carroll
Marcus Gibb
Jordan Brown
Education Pack
Fiona Leeming
Chris Price
Peer Mentor
Shane Irwin
Natalie Irwin
Youth Focus Group
Rachel Lennard
Sarah Innes
Elliot Spinks
James Dear
Jack English
Adam Robson
Dannii Thomas
Holly Conway
Jennifer Chadwick
Tyne Metropolitan College Students
Holly Musgrove (Graphic Design)
Samantha McCarthy
Amy Wilkinson
Caroline Morgan
Amy-Leigh Lenaghan
Amanda Wilson
Kelly Davison
Megan Best
Kayleigh Mitchell
Sonya Wildeman
Game Testers
Hannah Sapphire
Lucy Smith
Graphic Design
Gary Williams
David Bowles
Karolina Maciagowska
Sammy Samuels
Sarah Hall Consulting
Lesley Boardman

TryLife has been funded in a variety of ways.

The primary seed capital source was Northstar Ventures, which invested through the Finance for Business North East Proof of Concept fund – The Proof of Concept Fund is backed by the European Regional Development Fund and the European Investment Bank.