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:6ft “1

:Sandy Blonde


:Police Officer

My Favourite

:The Other Guys

:Egg Heads

:A Study in Scarlet

:“They were the footprints of a gigantic hound!”

:Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli

:Sherlock Holmes

About Me

The name’s Watson, Detective Dave Watson, and I’m a police officer in South East London.

Don’t get me wrong, I know what it’s like to be a young person in Lewisham and I know when kids are being kids. I just don’t want to see young people go down the wrong path.

I know the difference between a kid trying to impress his friends and a young person committing a crime they have been forced to commit. If they tell me the truth, I’m a good guy to know; but I’ll stick to the letter of the law if they refuse my help.





:Gang Member

My Favourite


:Game of Thrones

:A Song of Ice and Fire – George RR Martin

:“The baddest man in the whole damn town”

:Stuffed Crust BBQ Chicken Pizza

:Al Capone

About Me

Life can be dangerous, get me? When ya deal in ting and make money, there will always be jealous rude boys who want in ya profits. That ain’t gonna happen to T Money when I’m around and I’ve got the piece to back it up.

Yeah, I’ll take someone’s stash when I can. They’re welcome to try and get it back. Just know, we got enough pieces for all of my boys, and we ain’t afraid to use them.


:6ft “1



:Drug Dealer/Gang Member

My Favourite

:Cool Runnings

:The Olympics

:Where’s Wally

:“Don’t worry; be happy”

:Jerked Pork

:Usain Bolt

About Me

T Money here, all the way from Kingston, Jamaica!

My life is all about bringing in da peas and chilling wit’ the ladies. What’s not to love about it? I’ve got al’ the ting that everybody needs. Da men gotta pay, but da girls just gotta give ol’ T Money a little bit of sugar to get a taste.

My brother from another mother, Bob Marley, had it ryt’ when he said “Don’t worry, be happy’. The only thing that gets me worked up is when people try to ruin my happiness. When that happens, I can’t make any promises about what Lerone will do.


:5ft “5



:Youth Worker

My Favourite


:Don’t Get Done, Get Dom

:Life of Pi – Yann Martel

:“I’m King of the World!”


:Michelle Obama

About Me

Life is all about choices. It’s my job to help young people see the consequences of their decisions. I love my work. It gives me a chance to give back to the community and help young people grow into respectable members of society.

It’s really fulfilling to spend the days with young people. Times are hard around SE London. Kids are exposed to so many things young people weren’t even aware of when I was a kid. I’m just glad I have the chance to make them think about their futures.

Away from the youth centre, I love going for walks with my dog and sitting in front of the telly with a bottle of wine. But my phone is always there if Jasmine or the others need help.


:6ft “1



:Unemployed/Gang Member

My Favourite


:The Sopranos

:Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

:“I’m funny how? I mean, funny like a clown, I amuse you?”

:Sunday Carvery

:Mike Tyson

About Me

Me and Duwayne have been bros for years. I won’t hear a bad word said about him. We’d die for each other, man. T Money’s boys seem to have it in for us, so I’ll take any opportunity to get one over him or that boy, Lerone.

Drink, drugs and women; they’re the cornerstone of any boys’ lifestyle. I enjoy all three in abundance. I like a good scrap, too. I’ve been training for boxing with Duwayne and we’re getting good. Now I just need to try my haymaker on T Money…


:5ft “6



:Professional Footballer at Millwall FC

My Favourite

:Space Jam

:Fresh Prince of Bel Air

:I am Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Zlatan Ibrahimovic

:“It’s hard to be humble when you’re as great as I am”

:Lamb Kebab

:Will Smith

About Me

Football is my life.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve played the game at every opportunity, taking a ball to the field with my dad and hitting some Roberto Carlos style free kicks. I know I’ll make it someday. Jaden has been a great role model for me and I’ll stick with him.

He won’t touch alcohol, though, and I believe in the work hard/play hard lifestyle. After a hard week’s training and a win for the youth team, there’s nothing better than a night out with my boys. I’ll give anything a go once. I’m young, innit. Hangovers don’t last long.






My Favourite

:Empire State

:WWE Raw

:“Have a Nice Day” – Mick Foley

:“Don’t hate the player; hate the game”

:Chicken Chow Mein

:Triple H

About Me

I’m a lot like a grande mocha latte from Starbucks; big, dark, and oh so delicious. The ladies all fall for my smile and I make sure I’m there to catch ‘em… I’m just a man, after all.

Relationships are for saps. Why buy the book when you can go to the library? Not that I read. Unless it’s the Beano… that cracks me up. I’m always on the lookout for the next conquest, so give me a holla if you wanna meet up 

I live for my nights out, but there’s always some dude ready to kick up a fuss. Anyone tries that when I’m around ends up with my fist in their mouth and my foot in their gut!


:5ft “9



:Delivery Man

My Favourite


:Adventure Time

:Not Now, Bernard

:“My girl likes to party all the time”

:Curried Goat

:Eddie Murphy

About Me

Yo, yo, yo! J Stax here.

Life’s about laughing loud and partying hard. I can do both at the same time! I was the joker in school, always making my boy Terry crease up. The teachers reckoned I went too far when I set the teacher’s lounge on fire, but I’m telling you it was hilarious, innit!

I got mad when they expelled me. It was just a joke. But I rolled with the punches and started delivering for Budge. The work is easy and the money is good. I ain’t complaining! Plus I got a whole new audience for my jokes. Life is good, baby.

I’ve even got Terry a gig with Budge, so all my boys are together. Nizzy can get a bit hot at times, but he just needs to be calmed down. J Stax is the man to do it!

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