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Welcome To TryLife

Welcome to our new TryLife Blog.

We are going to take you behind the scenes at TryLife and show you some of our work. 

Many people follow the Facebook page for the inspirational quotes, some for the funny memes and others for our interactive films. 

We are an interactive film production company who engage with young people from all around the world.

Our films are hard hitting and often cover difficult social and health issues.

A normal feature film is around 90 pages of script and the storyline runs from A to B.

Our films are interactive, the action pauses and you are presented with a choice.

Your decision has an immediate impact on the storyline and changes the situation for the characters. 

Some of our scripts have more than 450 pages with more than 100 possible routes through each storyline.  

We want YOU to help us with the next film. 

We'll show you behind the scenes, introduce you to our team and give you an insight into our work here at TryLife.

We have some exciting projects about to start and for the first time we're going to show you the inner workings. 

There's loads of opportunities to get involved. 

Have a great day folks, watch this space. 




TryLearning combines online video stories that bring to life the issues that young people face today with learning materials to help raise awareness.

Explore, plan, learn, share using TryLearning using these features:

Come Correct

The Come Correct (Or CCard) scheme is a pan London arrangements that provides access to free condoms for under 25's in a variety of locations (called outlets) across London. Once registered a young person can collect condoms or get advice from any outlet displaying the Come Collect logo.

We'd Like to Thank

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our family and friends for their support, our Facebook and Twitter community, absolutely everyone who has helped out and these people below:

Lewisham Council, NHS Staff, Met Police, Drug Action Team, Youth Service, Youth Offending Team. 

Neil Denton
Justice Prince
Norman Maines
Paul Thompson
Kerry Williamson
Juster Baker
Tanya Vital
Amersham Arms 



:5ft “4

:Dark Brown


:Police Officer

My Favourite


:Life on Mars

:The police - Every breath you take

:Dave pelzer a child called IT

:"Just because you can, Doesn't mean you should"


:My Mom

About Me

In my spare time I like to walk and ride my R1. Love to eat, watch movies and relax.


:5ft “6




My Favourite

:Great Gatsby


:Bloodshot – We are Twist

:The Necromancer – Jonathan Howard

:“Life is like a box of chocolates”

:Caesar Salad

:Antonio da Silva (Dad)

About Me

Hi guys!

I’m Aaliyah. Nice to meet you.

There’s not much to say about me, really. I’ve always done OK at school, and my teachers have been trying to get me into further education. But I’m not sure I could handle two more years! I guess I might if Terry decides to carry on as well.

We’ve been seeing each other for four months now. Terry’s my first real boyfriend. There have been other guys, but this one is nicer… sometimes! It’s not all been great, but he can be a really nice guy when we’re alone together.

We’ve gone to some clubs recently, not that I’ve told my parents. They think I’m staying at a friend’s house. Terry and his mates love going out, and I’ll take any opportunity to get involved and make my friends jealous!


:5ft “6



:Youth Mentor

My Favourite

:Bring it On

:Dr Who

:James and the Giant Peach – Roald Dahl

:“Money don’t make my world go round, I’m reaching out for a higher ground”

:Rocky Road Ice Cream

About Me

My name’s Jasmine and I’m a Youth Mentor.

I guess I started volunteering because I didn’t want anyone to go through what I did. When I was sixteen, I fell for the wrong guy. He got me into all sorts of trouble; he even got me to deliver for him.

I was heading down a bad path, but I didn’t think about it until… well, I don’t really want to talk about it. That was when I spoke with Andrez, one of the workers at the youth centre, and she helped me remove myself from that lifestyle.

I’ve been trying to build a better life for my little girl. She’s one now, and such a cutey! Andrez’s got me a job as a Youth Mentor, but she’s training me to be a Youth Worker! I like helping people, and I can see a lot of similarities between myself and Aaliyah.


:5ft “8




My Favourite


:Top Boy

:Dry your eyes – The streets

:Ha! Books! You joking?

:“You are what you eat”

:Cheese on toast

:Dr Dre

About Me

Sorry ladies, I’m spoken for. I’ve got this sweet little ting called Aaliyah and I ain’t letting her go any time soon… unless I see Beyoncé down Lewisham! I fancied my girl as soon as I saw her and I wasn’t gonna let her get away, not for no one.

When I’m not with the GF, I’m hanging out with the boys. I’ve known J Stax for years (He’s hilarious, fam!), and he’s got me in with Budge and his crew. All of my other mates are stuck in school doing their A Levels, but I’m living the good life!

Budge is a busy man. He needs go-getters like me to help him out. I do what he wants me to do; it’s as simple as that. He even bought me some sweet new sneaks. Bang tidy Nikeys! I’ve got my girl and my boys; life is wicked at the minute!


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