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Welcome Back!

For those familiar with Trylife TV, welcome back! For those new and interested, welcome to the future of Television.

I'm Jaya and I will be hijacking the Trylife blogs, updating you on the latest productions, taking you down memory lane through the 10 years of Trylife, and be providing an insight into the life of the younger generation. 

Trylife was founded by Nicky Kaur and Paul Irwin almost 10 years ago and has made a HUGE impact on the lives of so many youths including myself, suffering with issues such as mental health, anxiety, depression, and troubled homes. The work this team do with children from deprived areas, gangs, and schools are amazing and definitely of huge importance to many, especially in this progressive era. 

Trylife focuses on the happiness and wellbeing of their staff, cast and audience members and this is evident through the topics they cover on their episodes such as rape, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, domestic abuse, mental health issues and teenage pregnancy. These topics are seen as ‘taboo’ for a lot of people HOWEVER, it is so clear that more and more people are suffering in silence with their issues, and have nowhere to turn or nothing to relate to, and that is where we come in.

There are six films on the website, each covering controversial topics, with an interactive element to decide the path the character goes down, which is hugely important as it then becomes educational, and makes audience members question similar decisions they have or are about to make.

From experience of working with Nicky and Paul, I have seen first had the impact they have made on so many peoples lives, and are continuing to change the world and create a future a lot of people would love to live in.  

Stay tuned for more posts on mental health tips, happiness and up and coming productions from Trylife TV.

Jaya Sharma

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