About TryLife

TryLife is as an interactive drama series, designed by some of the best people from the creative, youth, education and health care industries in which the story is moulded and shaped by the user.

At key moments the action is paused and the user decides the outcome.

The user guides the character through various different scenarios which are all filmed. The user is faced with decisions and these decisions will change the course of the story line. The outcomes of their decisions and the plot routes are based on probability using real stats and data.

This game is not about teaching what is right and wrong but more about allowing people to experiment in a safe environment, for them to see the consequences of their choices

We provide the opportunity for the user to be signposted to a relevant site, government initiative or agency for more information on any issue they encounter.

Pick a character, guide them through life and make the decisions. You live with the consequences.

You Try Life.

What We Do:

  • TryLife is a pioneering, purpose driven production and distribution company.
  • What we do matters, It adds real social value and brings the world closer together.
  • Multi award winning TryLife is the world's foremost producer in the hottest area of production: Interactive Drama
  • The most complex interactive film series ever created.
  • We have 4 Interactive Films made to date with a further 2 in production.
  • Our video views run into the millions,
  • Our face to face work reaches in to the 100s of Thousands, and our Social media output has reached billions.
  • Our reach is organic and unrivalled by other brands.
  • TryLife offer something unique:
  • Intimate content at scale.
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TryLearning has curated a collection of videos catergorised by a wide range of social issues.

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